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Pressure/Or Temperature Regulators


The Hoffman Specialty Series 2000 consists of main valves, pilot valves, wells and hardware kits.  They are designed to meet a wide range of temperature, pressure and capacity requirements and provide accurate, dependable, low maintenance operation.

TheSeries 2000 Regulators meet MIL Spec MIL-V-16733D (Type IV) and MIL-V-18433B (Type I, Style A, Class 2).

Main Valves

• Sizes available: 1/2" - 6" (150mm)

• Cast iron body with 30,000 tensile

• Maximum rating 250 psig (17.3 bar) at 450°F (232°C)

• Full, normal and reduced ports available Pilots

• Spring • Temperature • Air • Solenoid

• Electro-Pneumatic Transducer

Technical Data