Series I In-line

Series I In-line


• In-line piping design provides complete drainage while minimizing vertical height change

• Ideal for overhead applications

• For commercial and industrial applications such as air make-up coils, cooking kettles and unit heaters

• Sizes available:–3⁄4" NPT and BSPT– 1" NPT and BSPT– 11⁄4" NPT and BSPT

• Below condensate level seat design prevents steam leakage

• Stainless steel internal components

• Rugged thermostatic element eliminates air binding

• Resistant to water hammer and corrosion

• Maximum design pressure 250 psig (17.3 bar)

• Maximum operating pressure 175 psig (12.1 bar)

• Maximum temperature 406°F (208°C)

Technical Data