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Thermodisc Steam Traps Series 650


The Series TD Thermodisc traps are designed for applications such as high-pressure steam drips and tracer lines, or others with light to moderate loads.

Typical applications for Thermodisc traps include:

• Drip traps on steam mains and supply lines

• Tracer lines

• Laundry and kitchen equipment

• Superheated steam applications

• Outdoor installations that are subject to freezing

Series TD Thermodisc Traps

• Stainless steel construction resists both internal and 

external corrosion

- Stainless steel cast body

- Hardened stainless steel disc is the only moving part

- Resists water hammer

• Unaffected by superheated steam

• Simplified installation

- Traps operate in any orientation (horizontal preferred)

- Freeze resistant when trap is piped in vertical orientation due to self-draining design

• Easy to monitor trap operation – audible discharge cycle makes checking operation simple

• Operate over wide pressure range from 2 to 600 psig (0.14 to 41.4 bar)

• Operates with back pressure up to 80% of line pressure

• Maximum Pressure – PMO/PMA 600 psi (41.4  bar)

• Maximum Temperature – TMO/TMA 800˚F (426˚C)

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