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Temperature Control Pilots


The Series STPA Self-Contained Temperature pilot
valves are designed for applications such as steam to
water converters, domestic hot water, manufacturing process, or others that require accurate temperature control of heated fluids
• Lightweight, compact size prevents strain on mounting pipes
• Easy temperature adjustment with calibrated dial
• Fast, easy installation
• Non-metallic, lockable temperature adjustment knob
• Tight shut-off provided by hardened stainless steel plug and seat
• Packless construction eliminates seals that wear outand leak
• Removable strainer helps prevent debris from entering pilot
• Bulb overheat protection up to 100°F (55.6°C)
• Durable 1⁄2" (15mm) NPT copper bulb with standard 10 ft. (3m) armored capillary (other lengths available)
• Optional Wells:
– Copper
– Stainless Steel
• Accuracy of control ± 10°F (± 5.6°C) with system recirculation
• Maximum temperature 450°F (232°C)
• Maximum operating pressure 250 psig (17.3 bar)

Technical Data